Blue Stone Commerce Cages Will Make Your Pigs Fly!

Blue Stone Cages Guinea Pig Cages Flying Pig

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When you first move your pigs from a small confined pet store cage, they will seem to fly. Oh, I know it’s not really flying – it’s called “popcorning”.

If you never seen it before, it’s a heartwarming sight. Your little pigs springing in the air – Literally Jumping for joy... Like little Thomson’s Gazelles or Springbok Antelopes – leaping in the air…

Just like these guys I found on YouTube (popcorning starts at about 25 seconds in):


Okay, okay – maybe they don’t have the vertical leap of an antelope or gazelle – but look at those tiny legs. All things considered - I think they do pretty well.

But the point is: years ago, when we unknowingly raised our first pig in a cramped pet store cage, we never once saw it popcorn. Since then, we have raised all our subsequent piggies in spacious C&C cages and… that’s right! Popcorning!

We feel like heroes for putting them in C&C cages. So that’s why we say:

Blue Stone Commerce Cages not only make your pigs fly...
They can also make you a Hero

That’s right, your pigs will be so happy in their new home, you’ll become a hero to your pigs. But don’t take our word for it – here are just a few samples of the hundreds “happy pig” feedbacks we have received over the past couple years:

Our pig loves his new mansion! The King of the Cage says: Weeek! Weeek! A+++
Fantastic Dealer. We have the happiest PIG in the World!
My Guinea Pigs thought they went to Heaven!
GREAT Product! Super Fast Shipment!!!! Definitely the best for guinea pigs!
Great cage, easy, detailed instructions, and 2 ecstatic piggies!!! Thanks...A+++
HAPPY PIGS MAKE HAPPY OWNER! Cage is even better than the photos! GREAT service!
Love the cage and so do Bob and Jethro weeh weeh thank you!!
The cage is amazing. My piggies love it love it. I love it!!!!
Wow is my Piggie a happy camper now! Very happy with choice of this cage!
Fast shipping, easy instructions, the pigs are delighted with all the space! A+

And did we mention that being a Hero to your pigs
Can also make you a Hero in your kids’ eyes?

You made my daughter's birthday, quick ship. Clean transaction
Wonderful cage! My guinea pigs and daughter love it! Thanks and Merry Xmas?
Excellent cage! My pigs have been jumping for joy! thank you, fast shipping!! My daughter loves the cage!!
Wonderful cage, my daughters guinea pig is going to love her new castle!!!!!!!! My daughter loved it as well as her g. pig! Great Transaction! Wonderful product pigs love it! Kids do too! Fast shipping!

Yes, become a hero – even if they’re not your own kids:

My guineas love the cage and so do my third graders

Note: All testimonials quoted on this web page are genuine feedback comments and are instantly and totally verifiable by using this link to visit our eBay feedback page.

Visit one of Our Stores and take a look at our entire line of hero-making cages NOW…

Blue Stone Commerce Guinea Pig Cages eBay Store
Blue Stone Commerce Guinea Pig Cage Bonanzle Booth
Blue Stone Commerce Guinea Pig Cages iOffer Store

Blue Stone Commerce Cages save you valuable Time and Energy
Before and After your purchase

We shop Online for Convenience. Do we really need to waste our valuable time hassling with, slow, inefficient or unscrupulous sellers? Of course not. You don’t have the time. You are too busy – we all are. So you know you can save valuable time and energy by dealing only with reputable retailers...
And Blue Stone Commerce is one of the most highly regarded. Need proof? Of course you do:

Super friendly & accommodating. Very fast and efficient service. Thanks so much!
One of the best sellers on E-Bay!!!! Easy transaction; quick delivery!!! Thanks!
THE BEST ebay experience! Fab product, fast shipping, kind emails, a total pro!!
FABU! AAA sellers! Communication, Assembly Directions & shipping were 1st rate!!
This seller is really honest and the items are good condition...
I was very pleased with how fast and professionally my purchase was handled !!!!
Great Company. Incredible follow thru. Product was perfect!
Buy this cage NOW. Detailed instructions, everything you need, total excellence!
Excellent service! Thanks for working with me. Hershey will be happy! AAAA +++
They were very easy to deal and they were great keeping me up-to-date on my purchase
Great seller - lots of good info posted. FAST delivery - in time for Christmas!!
Arrived quickly, Assembly went smooth, Went out of their way to satisfy, great
Very fast and helpful! Great customer service! Will tell other piggie owners!
The fastest shipping ever and the best cages I ever have,thank you!!!! SUPER!!!!
I will be back and very soon.. A Real Class Act..

Are we 100% mistake-free? No, we’re human.

We have processes, checklists and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place for everything. But occasionally we do make an error. And on the rare occasions that something goes wrong, we guarantee we won’t waste your valuable time – We’ll fix it immediately as this feedback comment shows:

Cage materials great and quick to get here, missing instructions corrected asap!

To save you money on shipping and assembly costs, each of our Blue Stone Commerce cages comes to you in kit form. Our high quality, detailed, clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions show the placement of each and every grid, tie wrap and cage component and leads you by the hand through the entire cage assembly process.

You can build this cage with confidence
Even if the only other thing you’ve ever made in your life has been
Dinner reservations.

Great product. Instructions were perfect. Easy to put together.
SO EASY TO ASSEMBLE! Just as described! THANK YOU!!! A+ seller :) just great!
Wow! I got my cage the next day! It looks wonderful and assembly is a snap. A+
Super Fast Shipping! Instructions were wonderful. Made set up a breeze.
It was exactly what I expected. It is great quality and was easy to construct.
Excellent! Shipped quickly, manual was fabulous to follow.
Quick delivery, extensive manual, really good communication. Thanks!
Excellent cage, received it quickly. Manual is detailed & easy to understand A++
Great product. Excellent assembly instructions. We love our cage!
Very nice cage G-pig loves the room very easy to put together and to clean.

In fact, we find that many of our customers enjoy a sense of Satisfaction and Achievement from creating something for their pigs with their very own hands...
And they're so Happy to to have Delighted their pigs!

It was delivered fast and was easy and fun to put together!
The Pigs are in paradise after a few hours of easy work.
FAST Shipping. Instructions so excellent I was able to modify to my needs. A+++!
Took awhile to assemble but finished product is fantastic! Very clear directions
AWESOME! Quick assembly (2hr), larger than it looks! Fast shipping! Very happy!!
Shipped fast.. takes a bit of assembly time but the end result is awesome!
Took time to set up but worth it. It gives so much room for piggies to roam.
Took a while to put together. very accurate instructions. piggies are in heaven
Quick ship! 3 G. Pigs so happy and chirpy all those tie wraps were worth it!

And there’s no saying you have to keep this sense of
Achievement and Satisfaction to yourself:

Great product fun to build with 9 yr old 3 day shipping to N.Y,A+ communication
My students assembled this cage for their new pet--a great product & experience!
Thank you, fast shipping!! my daughter loves the cage!!

Isn't it time, you and your child did something together?
...something that will make you both proud?

Blue Stone Commerce Guinea Pig Cages eBay Store
Blue Stone Commerce Guinea Pig Cage Bonanzle Booth
Blue Stone Commerce Guinea Pig Cages iOffer Store

Best of all, Blue Stone Commerce cages all have Convenience Features
Designed in to Save you Time and Energy after they’re assembled.

Most C&C cages have openings that are 14-in x 14-in. Have you ever tried to clean out a 1500 sq. in. cage through a 14 x 14 opening? And what about trying to pick up your pig through that little opening? Talk about aggravating! All Blue Stone Commerce cages are designed to allow maximum access to your cage interior. On every level either one entire side folds down like a tailgate or the entire top swings open for complete unobstructed access to your cage. Talk about a time-saver? And what is all that extra time worth to you?

To see the difference that cage opening size makes, watch this video starting at the 2:48 mark:


We’ve saved the best news for last…

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Your pig(s) will be so glad you did. You will be their Hero.